I’m gonna send you to outer space… to find a Supernova and get rich!

From the first look at Supernova, we knew that this slot had something in store for us. Microgaming have recently released this beauty, and the slot machine was instantly swarmed with players from all over the world. Microgaming are very, very famous in the gambling industry, and every game they produce is well suited for most players. Supernova is a good example, even though you should be interested in the outer space to fully enjoy this beauty of a slot. First of all, it looks completely different from anything we have seen previously. In fact, we were quite startled when we first tried it out. There are two screens next to each other, one big and one small. Left wheel has just 9 symbols in a 3×3 square, whereas the right wheel has 6 symbols in a 2×3 square. Basically, the left screen gives you prizes, and the right one determines multipliers. Cool, unique way of giving players something to explore. The whole screen is animated, with 3D-details and a beautiful view of the ever-gorgeous universe.

Pay lines, betting options

There are several peculiarities with Supernova from Microgaming. First, it was the design. Then, there are the pay lines. See, there are 27 of them – a strange amount we have not seen anywhere else. With an RTP of 97%, however, this is among the most lucrative slot machines out there at the moment, without a doubt. User-friendliness has also been a long-standing speciality of Microgaming, and Supernova is no exception to the rule. Auto play, fast play and normal play, with wide betting options allowing practically every player to find a suitable betting level. The symbols all consist of different orbs, stars and black holes – parts of the unexplored universe. They are gorgeous to look at, since they are constantly moving and displaying fantastic colours. As long as you find three symbols on adjacent wheels within the 3×3 square, you will win. Which happens all the time. Now, the pay-outs are not that great, with the maximum prize being 50 times your stake. However, with the awesome multiplier on the right side, any spin can turn into a huge prize.

Multipliers, but no free spins

Supernova is a cool game to play. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s fabulously pretty. However, we are missing free spins. If this slot had free spins, it would probably be out favourite at the moment. Point lost in the book for Microgaming. At the same time, we fully embraced the multiplier reel while playing. Basically, you have a double chance of winning. Triple, even. First, you win a prize from the 3×3 reel. Then, the first of the two reels on the right spin, and can give you up to a 5x multiplier. Then, the second of the two spins ahead, and can award an immense 10x multiplier on top of the previous one. So, even if you win just 10 times your stake, but then multiply it by 5, and then by 10, the end result will be 500 times your money back!


Free spins would have topped it off, but the game is well worth to spin into the starry night in hope of cashing in big. At the very least the RTP won’t suck you dry, theoretically, if you can contain your joy and ever stop playing this lovely, heavenly game!

Space wars

Aliens incoming! Save yourself! Or… earn money from Space Wars!

None do it better than NetEnt. The Swedish software developer has given us an incredible amount of amazing slot machines over the years. They were called Net Entertainment, but the endearing “NetEnt” stuck with the players, and just recently the company went ahead and changed its name to NetEnt. If you have played some slot machines which you cannot forget, a few of them were probably from NetEnt. Space Wars is one of their new games, and it’s easy to see exactly why slot machines from NetEnt stand out in the crowd. First of all, you have the graphics. They are simply stunning, with plenty of 3D-details and cool animations. Space Wars looks alive, and to a certain degree it actually is. Here, the player is warped into outer space, where a war is going on between several strange-looking creatures. Just hit the big, ping spin button on the middle of the screen, and see this 3D themed slot machine come to life!

Symbols and pay-outs

Space Wars has 40 pay lines, which makes it easy to hit decent combinations with almost every spin. All of these pay lines are fixed, meaning that you are left with the hassle-free process of choosing your stake and spinning the reels. Space Wars also has 4 rows with symbols over 5 reels, instead of the 3 rows most players are used to. A bunch of different aliens will invade your screen, some of them cute, some of them scary. Their children, smaller versions of the full-grown aliens, pay a bit less than their parents. The highest paying standard symbol is, however, a red crystal. It seems that it’s these crystals everyone is fighting for. Up to 1.000 coins per pay line is a very solid amount for possible winnings. The wild symbol is easy to see, since it’s just the word “wild” in big, fat letters. This one will substitute for all other symbols and help you win big. NetEnt has not included any bonus games or jackpots in Space Wars. This seems to be the latest trend, as players love to use auto play functions and see the reels spin by themselves instead of having to click through bonus games in order to win.

Free spins on Space Wars

NetEnt have never created a game without free spins, that’s how well they know their players’ needs. Space Wars might not be packed with special features, and the slot machines does not even boast a scatter-symbol. However, as soon as you hit a combination with three or more aliens, they will get sucked up into the strange-looking machine to the right of the screen, and a re-spin will be activated. During this free spin, more of the same symbol (the one that got sucked up) will appear on the screen, further increasing your chances of winning big.


Broad betting options, cool animations, an enticing theme and plenty of pay-outs. That’s what NetEnt stands for, and that is what the slot Space Wars will become famous for.

Samba Nights

Dance your way to riches with Samba Nights!

Do you love samba? Everyone loves samba! Samba is among the most popular dance and music genres out there, originating in Brazil with influence from the Caribbean. Samba Nights made sure this passionate music is immortalised in the world of games as well. This slot machine is created by Cryptologic, and even though this company had some turbulence in the last decade, they are now back stronger than ever and continuing to release high standard slots. Samba Nights is not their best game, neither is it their best-looking game. However, for samba fans out there – this is what you have been waiting for. If you were ever invited to a samba class, and still reminisce on how fun that was – this is for you. Great background music, light colours and a genuinely positive atmosphere, Samba Nights is our favourite for those grey afternoons. Cryptologic could probably have skipped the card symbols (9-A) and used some Brazilian-themed cartoons instead, but since there already are cocktails, drums and some instruments, we can let this one slide. In terms of user-friendliness, Samba Nights is perfect. Hit the “Bet max” button if you want to start your game strong, or find a suitable level with up to 50 pay lines activated. Do also note the auto play function – why not set it to twenty spins and dance around your computer while the reels are spinning?

High pay-outs, high octane

Samba Nights is a fast, fun and cool slot machine. Where it lacks in pay-outs and symbols, it makes up for in energy and vibes. In terms of betting options, you can stake whatever you want. In terms of gameplay, the auto play function is perfect. In terms of return to player, the RTP is at about 95%. In terms of jackpots, it has a built-in pay-out of 2.000 coins which could just change your day completely. As you might guess, the card symbols give out the smallest prizes. Never mind them. You also have a bunch of symbols from Brazilian carnival life, and beautiful women to go with it. There is no bonus game in Samba Nights, however, and neither a progressive jackpot. Which is a bit sad, but not a biggie. Multipliers, free spins, wild symbols and scatters make up for everything else.

Special functions on Samba Nights

Wild symbols and multipliers are always welcome in a slot game. Beautiful women will help you find those winning combinations, thus making it easier to win big. The best part of Samba Nights is however the free spins. Just look for the beach! Samba often takes place on the beach! Three beach symbols will activate 20 free spins at a time, all with a 2x multiplier – meaning your prizes will be doubled.


In the end of a festive free spin samba night, you will be left with a decent prize. We were. Samba Nights is a great, fun slot machine filled with Brazilian happiness. Just perfect to get in the festive mood and reminisce the Olympics!